The protagonists of Claustrophobe are three prisoners sentenced for death put together in one jail. The play does not deal with the social aspect of their story, but emotional tensions between three men locked in a cage. This perfectly rendered situation reminds of Genet who looked for humanity at the very bottom, in the gutters and brothels. Kostienko, just like Genet, does not feel pity on his protagonists, but shows their struggle for love and human reactions. Many of the images and problems featured in the play are the metaphors of the World as prison, life as prison. Claustrophobe is a quasi photograph of a definite emotional state of modern man. „Acting is a true feast. Spinak is performed in a movingly truthful way by Mariusz Jakus. Gorin-Dariusz Siatkowski personifies the grief of a lost man. Rafa³ D¹browski has to create his role without a single word (…) A very successful debut!” Renata Sas, Express Ilustrowany.