Kontroll is a 2003 Hungarian comedy-thriller film, directed by Nimród Antal. This is the first Hungarian film shown at the Cannes Festival in over 20 years. The story revolves around ticket inspectors in the Budapest Metro.

The film is set on a fictionalised version of the Budapest underground system. Bulcsú (Sándor Csányi) is one of the ticket inspectors on the Budapest Metro. He never steps on the escalators that unite the underground world with the main stream of life on the surface. The patchwork of tunnels, train platforms and escalators is a universe governed by its own rules. In the world of inspectors, prestige is measured by the how efficient you are in catching and punishing free-riders, who continue to evade paying fines. However, some circumstances cast a long shadow on this slightly grotesque world: more and more commuters waiting for trains end up under their wheels.