Drinking vodka and beer between classes, empty, dull conversations, shouting, talking back to each other, little arguments seem to be their only entertainment. But their ostensible lack of respect for any values is only a mask which hides strong emotions and painful human conflicts. Because one of the subjects Pavel Prjazhko touches in his play is the authenticity of human suffering. It presents the vast array of emotions using a minimum of words. We see two brothers in love with one girl, Lena, a wedding on the way, tragic choice between love and reason streaked with lies and betrayal. However, it is not this quite schematic love pattern what is most important here, but the way it is conveyed. Deprived of any romanticism, soaked with immature physicality. In its formal layer the performance also surprises those viewers who are attached to the simple and  traditional idea of theatre. It attempts to show all stages of work, from a play reading with role division to the complete performance. At the beginning we watch actors, but at the end the shaped characters of the play.

Playwright and Director Centre is one of the biggest centre of the “new drama” in Russia. It was established more than 10 years ago by Aleksey Kazantsev and Mikhail Roshchin. Its main mission is to give young theatre artists the possibility to express themselves and carry out their ideas on the Moscow theatre scene.

Theatre of Documentary Play Teatr.doc is an independent project established in 2002. Its performances touch only the contemporary problems of reality. In their work the artists use real human relations, the verbatim technique and “deep improvisation”.