Sir “P” is a 90 year old gray parrot, formerly living with Edouard Daladier, the French prime minister responsible for signing the Munich Treaty. In a series of weird events sir is kidnapped by a Czech journalist undergoing his midlife crisis, Pavel.

Following “Buttoners” and “Wrong Side Up”, Zelenka’s audience knows what to expect. Prepare in advance for the play with the viewers, so characteristic to the Czech director. His latest picture begins like a bitter farce, ridiculing national complexes and stereotypes which have grown around Poland’s southern neighbours (“The Czechs are utter cowards and fools”). However, as it turns out later, this section is a part of an unfinished production – the second part of “Lost in Munich” presents its background and making of process.

Jana Plodková, who stars as one of the main female characters in the film “Lost in Munich”, will perform during this year’s Festival in two plays by Jan Mikulašek – “Obsession” and “Hamlets”.