The main character of Karolina Porcari’s monodrama resembles a tormented outcast fighting for her right to live despite the sins she committed in the past. She is extremely fragile and emotional, what is well reflected by the expressive acting and by the structure of the performance. Built around single impressions, explosions of stormy temperament and uncontrolled emotions, it exists beyond chronology of time and the cause and effect course of events. The character’s inner world is ruled by the law of chaotic and painful memories, short, unfinished stories, fragments of bad dreams and schizophrenic dialogues from the past that demand to be comprehended. Although the performance is kept in the convention of a TV show, the set design is very ascetic, the stage remains almost empty. The costume plays the role of an ambiguous prop. It symbolizes the girl’s transformation from a teenager, haunted by her conscience after causing the death of her friend, into a nun. It also takes her into different time and space, she becomes someone who travels from the material to the spiritual world. Karolina Porcari – film and theatre actress of Polish- Italian origin. She graduated from The Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Krakow. Theatres she collaborates with are; in Warsaw: Laboratory of Drama, Powszechny Theatre, Rozmaitości Theatre, Wytwórnia Theatre and the National Opera, Ludowy Theatre in Krakow and in Italy, Trebbo Theatre and Teatro Paisiello. Some of the performances she played in are: “Luna” directed by A. Urbański, “Zły” directed by J. Buchwald, “Borys Godunow” directed by M. Treliński. She also took part in foreign film productions, the awarded “Come L’Ombra” directed by M. Spad, “Vicki-Ficki” directed by N. Spinell, among others as well as Polish films and TV series.