David Doiashvili is considered one of the most interesting artists of the young generation and “Macbeth” has already gained a reputation of his best performance. The Shakespeare’s tragedy is one of the most dramatic and darkest plays in European literature.
It is the history of unfortunate events that inspired the director the most. It is not the murder, madness, death, violence or supernatural powers that come to the foreground, but the text of the drama, its brilliant use of language combining the opposites: comedy and tragedy, humour and wit with lyricism. In the performance the director makes great use of acrobatics, music, lights and video projections. The performance was presented at various festivals in Israel, Estonia, Croatia, among others. It won numerous awards, such as the awards for best performance and best director at the Small Scenes Theatre Festival in Rijeka.
The history of the Tbilisi Vaso Abashidze Music and Drama State Theatre goes back to 1926. At the beginning it staged mostly humorous and musical miniatures and skits about family life. The time of 1932-47 is considered to be the turning point in theatre’s history. It became more and more popular and the team paced itself among the best in interpreting classical operettas but also previously unknown Georgian music comedies. In 2005 the post of the artistic and managing director was offered to a young and talented David Doiashvili. He introduced many important changes also to the repertoire. Musical comedies were exchanged with drama, opera, operetta, ballet, contemporary dance, musicals, etc.