It is the first performance from the cycle “All nights for St. Kummernis”, the recent project of the Theatre that began its existence under the auspices of the “Wierszalin-Studio” Foundation. The play was based on a fragment of Olga Tatarczuk’s recent book “Daily House, Nightly House”. The authors have used one of the parts of the novel, and they are planning to use use other parts. The play is a mono-drama; one actor creates the stage reality, portrays a hero and tells the story.
Olga Tatarczuk’s prose has attracted attention of the critics for a long time. It was reflected in forwarding her candidacy to the literary Nike Award. Teatr Wierszalin has already shown one play based on Olga Tatarczuk’s text titled “Prehistory and Other Times”.”Marek Marek” is thus the second performance inspired by the prose of the author.