“Metamorphoses” by Gardzienice constitute a theatrical treaty on the unavoidable stretching of love between two opposites, and on man being bound to live in a conflict of contradictions. However, this essay is mainly a theatre, an ecstatic performance which finishes definitely too quickly in the eyes of the audience. Wlodzimierz Staniewski, a founder of Gardzienice company and creator of their performances, says that in ‘Metamorphoses’ words are of no significance. And that is only partly a joke. For words show, lead and explain, of course. However, in ‘Metamorphoses’ they find their equivalents in situations on stage, live images, acting, dance, singing and music. The fact that you can understand the performance without understanding the words is proved by the reactions of foreign audience, who without knowing Polish, is able to understand the performance and gets enchanted by it.

Bronisław Wildstein, Rzeczpospolita, 1 September 2002