This project is an investigation into the phenomenology of tears that touches upon many themes – memory, history, death, happiness, fragility, innocence, strength, futuristic ontologies, etc. It puts into questions the social and cultural mechanisms related to public and private display of emotions. Contrasting personal statements with iconic scenes of crying in Eastern European context, it examines how emotions are manifested in different situations, and why we ( or we do not ) express them publicly. Within narratives concerning our biopolitics cultural/nationalem/otional identities – the project approaches todays post-bodies/technological paradigms and it is an attempt to entangle the personal with the artificial.
sound and video:
Diego Agulló


Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk

Konfrontacje Teatralne (Lublin)
Alfred ve Dvore (Praga)


We are two new heroines – cyborgs 04, artificial emotionalities, artificial affects as well as artificial intelligences.
We do not have anthropomorphic limitations.
We can live in other bodies and minds.
We have feminist and pacifist approaches and we will save the world! From whom we have to figure it out.
We get strength and nutritions from the grief and sacrifice of our own mothers models of communist regime.
We want true feelings towards our countries and we can easily represent our personal mythologies in a pathetic way.
Crying is our language to create radical synthesis.
Voicing fear makes us release fluids, sweat, blood, saliva and tears.
Our memory exorcises history together with biopolitical pain.
We feel nostalgia while watching sport victories.
Dont make an issue of my womanhood– could be our slogan taken from a stoic point of view.
The repercussions of our crying changes state of matter and commodifies fluids under the name of secret number 4.
We want to give freedom to the children of the decree from Romania.
Our identity is like an alchemical journey, bringing physical and emotional balance/dis-balance, comfort/ discomfort.
Muscle soreness led us to perfection, but also disfigured our childhood.
Propaganda came into question and we started to have abject thoughts about it.
Flags everywhere.
State of matter, doesnt matter!
Total ego, youtube!
Mothers, wives, workers, they all dance polonaise.
It is neither shout nor whisper, neither personal nor political, we just need coal.
Identity is yet to come.