Born and raised by the Lublin club Soundbar, contributed with his resident DJ sets to parties at Dom Kultury, at the moment he mixes music at the dwaPiętra club. Finalist of the Polish edition of mixoff Burn Studios Residency 2013 with Carlem Craig and Seth Troxler. Cooperated with artists like The Phantom or Kixnare, Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Novika, Simon Mattson, Tobias Manou, Optymist or Warsaw Calling.


Kinior Flap Art

Włodzimierz Kinior Kiniorski’s solo project. This composer, musician and  lad ed Pposer, musicianfully / tiinstrumentalist pimself, find out what he trully ing to theatrical tradition.  and multi-instrumentalist plays the saxophone, clarinet, bass, guitar and percussion, among others. He created the style called Flap, which promotes eclectics in music. Having spent some time experimenting within the field of jazz, he has now turned to folk, which he can combine with contemporary music with real virtuosity.


DJ Ya-Neck (Janek Taraszkiewicz)

He’s been mixing records since 1999. Co-creator of the Sambasim sound system, which later transformed into an ensemble playing Brazilian percussion music. Balkan, klezmer and Gypsy music have all a special place in his heart. His countless travels to the countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Romania or Israel helped him gather a wide collection of records, which he now presents during his DJ sets.


Papa Zura

Active on the club scene since the mid-90s. He mostly mixes old and raw funk, soul, afro, rhythm’n’blues records. He is the founder of the Soul Service collective, which created a series of records “Polish Funk”, enNaczynia and a former DJ frommer DJ from the ostly mixes old and raw funk, soul, afro, rhythm’cal tradition.  “Why not Samba” and “Off Season” released by the Polskie Nagrania record label. He hosts a weakly music show at the Roxy radio station. He also collaborates with the Funky Mamas And Papas record label.


Słabi Prezenterzy

This DJ duo has been playing together for two years now. Słabi Prezenterzy (bad presenters) are Księżyc from the band Naczynia and a former DJ of the Śmierć Disko Sound(s). Their desire to present “bad music” was a result of their friendship, long conversations and listening to music together. Their sets are usually in line with the programme or the type of the party they play at. Mostly those are simply the worst songs, because everyone has the most fun to them.


An eclectic combination of expression of three different personalities, each speaking their own personal language taking up some unexpected forms. Karol Chinaski, Jan Michalec and Karol Grabiec redefine their personal, distinct approach to creating music both before and after each of their performances.


Dj. Pszczelarz i Szerszenie

Dj Pszczelarz i Szerszenie (DJ Beekeeper and The Hornets) is a trio including Sebastian Buczek – artist, inventor and materials scientist and the Śmierć Disko Sounds DJ collective.

They will present a selection of records that are retro, vintage, oldschool. They crack, they hum and they are old. Everything is played from dusty black records, mixed in a way that makes regular club goers grind their teeth and audiophiles loose their hair. Soundtrack of the fading memories of You, Your parents, grandparents and great grandparents.