With a discography consisting of more than 30 titles released in Romania and abroad, added to a significant number of concerts held all across Europe, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist performer Vlaicu Golcea activates in various syncretic art domains: music for theater, contemporary dance and film (feature film, short film and documentary), multimedia installations and performances. Initiator of the projects Spitalulamorului.ro, Aievea, East Village, Bucharest AV, MIDI Overdose, Jazz eScape, he collaborated with numerous musicians belonging to different musical styles. His music was heard in more than 60 theater productions and he was rewarded in 2009 with the Uniter prize for theater music. Together with Romanian and foreign artists he also composed and performed for contemporary dance performances.

“Noire de Bucureşti” was released in 2013 as a free download. This album is the result of last years experiences, dealing with Vlaicu’s feelings emerged from his everyday’s life and related, of course, with Bucharest, the city where he was born and still living. Especially for “Theatre Confrontations” Vlaicu asked his closest collaborators to join him presenting his music. Uţu Pascu is bass player and sound designer. He is well known in Romania for his activity in the jazz & rock field and also on theatre. Cristina Milea, stage and costume designer and visual artist, is one of the most sought-after artist of her generation. Her main work is on theatre productions. In Lublin, she will complete the performing space with an installation, creating an art space intervention. Mihai Păcurar is stage and costume designer and visual artist also  known for his work in the video art field. He will join Vlaicu in composing video counterpoints to sound. So, the “Noire de Bucureşti” night will be more like an installation space, where one can immerse in sound and visuals and get a taste of art made by romanian artists.

More information :  www.vlaicugolcea.ro

“Noire de Bucureşti” free download: http://www.vlaicugolcea.ro/album-download/