“Gogol. The Evenings” is a production based entirely on combining drama with music. The music composed by SounDrama Studio for this performance refers to classical as well as ethnic pieces. There are elements of opera and rock. The narrative of both parts is founded on four seasons that are represented by four „pictures” mutually related on the level of mystical bonds, love stories and human relationships. „Gogol. The Evenings” offers a new perspective on classical literature due to innovative directing and choreography. Musicians become actors, actors become musicians, vocalists and dancers. Musical instruments become essential figures in the drama. The subordination of the movement on stage to the principles of music harmony makes the production even richer maintaining tension and suspense throughout it. SunDrama Studio was set up in 2003 by Pan-Quartet ensemble and Vladimir Pankov, an artistic director of the Studio. He comments on his company. “The most essential characteristic of SoundDrama is our objective to combine art processes. We observe no cannons. Each person is a contributor with her/his individual fantasies. Everything is improvisation and art originates from it”.