The performance talks about universal problems, such as our quest for happiness and the passing of time. It
asks questions about the unpredictability of love. Why does it appear in our life so suddenly and unexpectedly?
Is it a reward or maybe the consequence of the choice we once consciously or unconsciously made. Where
does one of our stories end and other begin? It also shows time as something inexorable, an imperative that
destroys beautiful moments, makes us become more boring, willing to compromise, deprives us of the signs of our youth; time is “the killer”. Dance expression in this performance is closer to the state of emptiness and silence that comes after dramatic experiences rather than real emotions that accompany such experiences.
Justyna Jasłowska works with the Maat Project Theatre since the group was founded in 2004. At the moment
she studies Physiotherapy at the Medical University in Lublin. She cooperated with Limen Body Theatre and
Campagne La Sablier. She studies various techniques of dance (butoh, contemporary, BMC, authentic movement, among others) participating in numerous workshops and dance programmes in Poland and abroad. Since 2008 she conducts choreography and dance workshops referring to her own experiences as a performer, dancer and a kung-fu fighter.