Making allusions to the Oedipus myth and drawing inspirations from the drama entitled “Dog’s Cage” by a contemporary Russian author, Klim, the performance looks into the dark sides of human soul and fate that sometimes looks more like a maze, a minefield, an abyss or a prison, from which there is no escape or which cannot be deceived. Just like Sophocles’s drama, this performance shows a tragedy that happens when we try to avoid our destiny, it makes us realize that our life will always bring more questions than answers. In the performance we will find the atmosphere of madness, great originality and a spoonful of dark humour so characteristic for DAKH Theatre’s productions. “Oedipus. Dog’s Cage” is also a commentary on the political life of contemporary Ukraine.

Centre of Contemporary Art DAKH was founded in 1994 by Vladislav Troitsky. It is the only privately owned and non-commercial theatre in Ukraine. In the 10 years of its existence it has developed a distinctive artistic style built around the concept of its director, Vladimir Troitsky, who is exploring the traditions of Ukrainian music and looking for new theatrical forms. The present strategy of the DAKH Centre is to cooperate with many state and commercial institutions which aim at improving the condition of Ukrainian culture, opening it to new forms of work and organization, creative dialogue and supporting experimental theatre.