This theatrical essay for voice and double base, is termed by its author, Tadeusz Sławek, an alternative academic lecture. ‘It is how my lectures would look like if I could bring musicians into a lecture hall’ – says Professor of the Silesian University, at the same time an artist whose works border on performance art, music and theatre. In Cieszyn dialect Olamaryja is a cupboard for storing food in the corridor of a house. Here it serves as a metaphor which diagnoses ‘a place’ as magic heritage which we submit to ruthless unification and European standardization. We replaced our cupboards and wardrobes with fridges and rooms for garments, our little shops with supermarkets. This performance is an essay about a place composed from ‘local aphorisms’ entwined by Silesian motives. The very term ‘place’ acquires a new meaning and becomes a synonym of our identity. ”A face of the place is noble Always old.