Grzegorz Józefczuk wrote about this production: „Krzysztof Babicki tells us about the madness of the world and history using the madness of forms which only theatre allows. It is very brave, well designed and precisely constructed. The very clarity of the director’s intentions, who knows where he wants to go, provides us with a pleasure.” Waldemar Sulisz got fascinated by Albertynka: „Monika Domejko allures with her natural beauty and girlish temper, and – what surprised me – mature acting. Albrtynka symbolizes one of Gombrowicz’s most significant messages: as long as you do not break with childish and natural beauty, you will be able to admire the beauty of the world and others. If not all you will be left with is an operetta, life for the sake of appearances, and you will be done with, anyway… “