Parental Ctrl is a performance-concert about generation Y and their parents, about the escape from reality and the dependence on virtuality, about the inevitable connections and ruptures between generations.

– Hello?
– Hi, Mum!
– How are you, sweetheart?
– I’m ok. You, guys?
– We’re ok too. All’s fine? Work? Did you get the flu? Do you need money?
– No, everything’s fine. Hey, I have to hang up, I’ll call you back later, ok?
– Of course, I didn’t mean to bother, call me whenever you can!
– Ok, bye!
– Bye, darling!

– Listen…

– I love you.
– I love you too.


Original music
bhkata & the blue screen band

Video, light, sound
Attila Almási

Visuals, technical assistant
Radu Bogdan

Kinga Kelemen/GroundFloor Group

The performance was created in the frame of – Contemporary Art and Culture for Communities, a project coordinated by The Paintbrush Factory, and supported by a grant from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government.

Co-producer: Fabrica de Pensule,

Special thanks to Adrian Ghenie, Șerban Savu