Music is the beating heart of neTTheatre performances. Always played live, gives each show distinct rhythm and character. The director uses it as a means of communicating with the actors. That is why we will open the celebrations of the Five-year-old with a concert entitled “Passini and Friends”. To join him at this concert, the director invited musicians with whom he had the opportunity, honour and pleasure to cooperate. We will hear: Rafał Rękosiewicz, Denis Kolokol, Daniel Moński, Sean Palmer and many others.

Denis Kolokol – is active as a musician since the beginning of 2006. Co-funder and member of the electroacoustic duo theVolume (acoustic guitar and computer), currently with drummer Tomek Chołoniewski. In 2008-09 he composed and arranged interactive sound systems to performances “All Kinds of Death” and “U.F.O. Encounter” directed by P. Passini (neTTheatre). Since 2009 he is a member of “PseME” Polish Society of Electronic Music. Currently he is concentrating on “human” repertoire, songs, vocals, sound poetry and various vocal techniques.

Sean Palmer – independent British artist, since 1999 living and working in Poland. Since 2009 he plays in Polish state and independent theatres, some of which are: “Death and the Maiden” (Teatr Dramatyczny in Warsaw), “The Oresteia” (Polish National Opera in Warsaw) “Warsaw Disturbance” (the Warsaw Rising Museum), “Petit Pets Petty Secrets” (neTTheatre) and “After the Birds” (Chorea Theatre, Łódź). He is the co-author of Wojtek Zimilski’s theatre projects; “The Map” (Commune Warsaw, 2009), “Pokrewni/Relatives” (Malta 2012). Founder, composer and conductor of the choir Gre Badanie – Experimental Choir. A member of DJ collective Niewinni Czarodzieje for 10 years.

Daniel Moński – has been creating music for 12 years, member of the collective Masala SoundSystem, where he plays drums and percussion instruments (goblet drum, daf, bendir, cajon, tabla, dhol); practices overtone singing (kargyra, hoomey, sygyt). Collaborated with such bands as: Yerba Mater, Beltaine, Ogrody Alamut, Desert Trio. Composed music to theatre performances by P. Passini: “All Kinds of Death” (2009), “Yerma” (2011), “Artaud – Lookalike and his Theatre”, (2011), “Puppet – Kantor remix” (2011) as well as „From Personal Diary”, dir. Z. Kowalski, Warsaw (2009) and “Cutting coast, a Midsummer Night’s Dream”, dir. F. Ozcan, Great Britain (2012).

Łukasz Walewski – born in Lublin, plays the trumpet among other instruments, cofounder of
Center of Performing Arts MITOS in Lemesos, Cyprus. In 2010 this group together with neTTheatre made the performance called “If” based on “Iphigenia in Aulis” Euripides, to which Walewski and Passini composed music. Experiments with music and sound are the fundaments of his artistic development.