Paweł Passini’s first performance for children was a great success at the Warsaw Theatre Meetings in 2012, where it was presented in the children’s section. Outstanding actors, great music performed life and wise fairy-tales by Kozlov make is a show that is fascinating for children and charming for adults.
Sergey Kozlov was one of the most renowned children’s authors in Russia and the whole USSR. For protagonists of his stories he chose the creatures that live in a forest: a hedgehog, a bear, an owl, a squirrel, a hare, a wolf and many others. Every day brings new adventures, some of which are truly fantastic. The animals always try to fulfil their sometimes quite unrealistic dreams. They address their weaknesses, try to deal with their loneliness and, despite their differences, they always try to reach some agreement. They never stop travelling, wheatear it is in reality or only through the surprising world of their imagination. They never lose hope or the will to discover the world. And all of the stories, as it is in fairy-tales, end with a happy ending.