Doc Theatre was founded in 2002 and soon became a cult stage in Moscow. It gatherd together a group of people under thirty, including playwrights, actors and directors associated with the Lubimovka Festival and Moscow Centre of Dramaturgy and Directing. Following Director Michail Ugarov’s idea is to show plays which cannot presented on other stages, due to their provocative contents, improper stage format or violation of aesthetic or ethic taboo. This company forces you to think and act,. As Fassbinder said “if you cannot change reality, you have to describe it at least”. Thus originated a theatrical method, called documentary theatre, where the major task is to “discover reality”. Their Doc Track performance was a highlight of the 11th edition of “Theatre Confrontations” .September Doc, related to the tragedy in Bieslan, was an important event of the Masks Festival in Poznañ. This year we will see their new performance – Phantom Pains.