The Lublin Dance Theatre was founded by Hanna Strzemiecka, also its choreographer and artistic director, in 2001. However, both the choreographer and dancers originally started working as the Contemporary Dance Group of the Lublin Polytechnic in 1993. The group, with its roots in the independent student movement, has developed its own and unique dance style, recognized at home and abroad, and is considered one of the leading dance companies in Poland. Let my shape originate from me ,let it not be made for me!” All-penetrating creative energy makes objects and subjects undertake multipurpose activities; from surrendering, through recognition and destruction of the old, to creation of the new. Each individual ‘I’ surrounded by other manifestations of ‘I’ attempts at making meaningful these activities and relationships in which beauty, order and independence dominate; and then ugliness, chaos and restriction take their turn.. In ’plepleJAdy’, just like in Gombrowicz’s other works, there are biographical and philosophical stylizations, lyrical and dramatic moments along with absurd jokes. Everything functions at the same footing. Rendering Gombrowicz’s intellectual language into the language of a dance theatre seems unattainable, not to mention presenting his philosophy or theory of art. However, inspirations are possible. And – this performance proves it – they can be very interesting. The audience is free to apply Gombrowicz’s ideology of forms to the performance, notice the absurd and – perhaps – solve the secret of the title ‘plepleJAda”…. Dancing technique is incredibly precise, the actors’ disposition – breathtakingly impressive.” Ewa Dziedzic „Dziennik Wschodni”