The Professor Zbigniew Hołda Award is a special prize for a person or institution fulfilling the mission described in the memorandum of the Professor Zbigniew Hołda Association. Once a year we honour a person or a group whose professional activity, either as researchers or social workers, reflects the values that drove Professor Zbigniew Hołda not only in his academic, public and social work, but also in his life.

The Professor Zbigniew Hołda Award is given by the Award Committee whose members are chosen by the Association’s Board.  They are:

– editor Małgorzata Bielecka-Hołda

– Tomasz Dostatni OP

– prof. Lech Garlicki

– prof. Grzegorz Janusz

– Marzena Ksel, PhD

– prof. Krzysztof Marczewski

– prof. Jerzy Migdał

– gen. Paweł Nasiłowski

– Danuta Przywara

– prof. Irena Rzeplińska

– prof. Andrzej Rzepliński

– editor Ewa Siedlecka

– editor Wawrzyniec Smoczyński

– prof. Barbara Stańdo-Kawecka

– prof. Stanisław Waltoś

– prof. Jan Widacki

– prof. Andrzej Zoll

Prof. Andrzej Rzepliński was chosen as the Chairman of the Committee.

At the Theatre Confrontations Festival on 20 October 2012, editor Ewa Milewicz became the first laureate of the Professor Zbigniew Hołda Award. Congratulations!

The other candidates were:

– Teodor Bulenda, PhD

– senator Józef Pinior

– Monika Sznajderman

This year’s Award Ceremony will take place at the new seat of the Centre for Culture in Lublin. The statuette will be made by prisoners from Opole Lubelskie cooperating with Tomasz Bielak. The award ceremony will be accompanied by the opening of the exhibition of works crafted by the prisoners from Opole Lubelskie and the Remand Centre in Lublin during workshops conducted by Robert Kuśmirowski.