“They were looking for a play for them. The idea came when Bibi gave birth to her daughter. – During the first months of motherhood I couldn’t pull myself together – recalls Bibianna Chimiak, mother of a 2-year old daughter and actress at the Kana Theatre. She was Phaedra, Antigone, Sidonia, and others. – I fed my child, changed diapers. I nurtured her but didn’t feel any magical bond. I couldn’t recognise different types of crying. I didn’t know how to communicate with my child. I heard that there was a machine for 99 PLN that could tell the difference between several types of crying. I thought I was a bad mother. I felt lonely.

In an act of desperation I entered the phrase „hardships of motherhood” into a search engine. I got hundreds of results. Blogs run by mothers who think and feel like me.

My close friends didn’t find it difficult to talk about what it looks like in real life, but my acquaintances… – They said: “It’s super, great, I handle it pretty well.” And I replied: “And I have a problem with this, I can’t handle that, I don’t know, I don’t understand.” And then they said: “Well, the truth is, me too” – says the red-haired Bibi.

So she thought: “This is the modern world. We can talk about anything except the hardships of being a mother. Because others will think that you are a bad mom.”

Ewa Podgajna, <<Projekt Matka. “Boli to, tamto, nie radzę sobie, nie wiem, nie rozumiem” [Project Mother. “This or that hurts, I can’t handle it, I don’t know, I don’t understand”] >>, Gazeta Wyborcza, Szczecin, no. 118, 22.05.15