The company was set set up in 1994 along with opening a centre for theatre research on the farm near Boston. Apart from their major concern with working on performances and presenting them, they focused on researching various aspects of theatre in a wider context. Training of actors has its foundations in on everydaY work which aims at finding a vocal, motoric and visual equivalent of coneying the world of emotions. In 1997, at the Theatre Confrontations Festival the company presented ‘Crown’, the final part of a triptych – ‘The Song Trilogy’. At this festival they will perform their new production – Relentless. This spectacle is a provocation. It shows the life of women in our society, its intellectual, emotional and sexual aspects. A woman becomes a subject matter of both intimate stories and historical visions. She is a Medea of our time, torn by passions and contradictory feelings. ‘Relentless’ is dance, songs and visuality. Explicit gestures, tango, music, words by Lorca and Rilke. A puppet show. The actors take the roles of a king, queen, joker, prisoner, artist, lover. ‘Relentless’ is an unsual journey into the inner world of a woman who wants to liberate herself from her own troubles with the man, and struggles with the problem of escaping the social roles imposer on her by society. This production provides an evidence of the courage to raise important issues and discuss them using a difficult language of metaphors and hidden meanings.