The performance was inspired by Stanisław Wyspiański, but it’s not his artistic work what matters here. Passini focuses rather on the private moments in his biography, when he was spending time with his children, moments that were kept hidden from all strangers or friends of his studio. That time was sacred. Devoted entirely to playing and resting, painting together, telling stories… The performance shows also the tragedy the children went through after their beloved father’s death. What his illness couldn’t destroy, was destroyed by the caring representatives of the National Culture. Out of concern for their proper education, the children were taken away from their mother. None of them ever came to terms with it. Two sons ended up in a psychiatric hospital (the youngest, Staszek spent 30 years there!). Helenka was sent to Switzerland, to a convent school. Passini talks about all this in an intriguing and cogent way, making it even more appealing by the visual setting. “Requiem” was the first theatre performance broadcasted live on the Internet. 16 thousand viewers logged on to see its online premiere on 15 December 2007, opening a new phase in the history of theatre.

neTTheatre – the first online theatre established by Paweł Passini and Theatre Association Chorea. Their performances are presented both on stage and online, allowing the viewers to influence the music and visual side of a performance, exploring the interactive side of theatre. Since 2009 W Sieci Powiązań Theatre was established in Lublin at the Centre for Culture and Central Theatre, where it explores the techniques of applying the new media in performance art.