George F.Walker’s play can be summarized in two sentences: an elderly criminal star decided to steal from his bosses 68 000 dollars during one of the robberies. She hid the money behind a TV set and when she could not longer play a fool gave it back and all ended well. The summery does not sound encouraging, whereas the performance (of over an hour) is truly funny. Why? Just because it is a parody of the superficiality of so-called brutality drawing abundantly upon the icons of mass culture and finally, because it is performed with an incredible detachment (…) Jarzyna’s joke, concentrated on exposing performing skills of all actors, apart from the fact that it is extremely entertaining which is not so easy when you tell theatrical jokes, has primarily a non-theatrical meaning. Jarzyna showed that he is detached from his work, ridiculed quasi-new theatre and finished with silly considerations on brutality, apparent indignation as well as divagations on where all that happens and if it really concerns us (…)”
Piotr Gruszczyński, Tygodnik Powszechny