Poławiacze Pereł Improv Teatr z Lublina (Pearl Divers – Lublin-based Improv Theatre)

An Impromptu Comedy Show with Guest Participation of Invited Artists and Audience Members

Przemek Buksiński, Remigiusz Jankowski, Marcin Wąsowski, Michał Łysiak, Mirek Urban, Łukasz Szymanek

Relying on cut-and-dried, road-tested and realised all over the world improve theatre techniques, our programme necessitates participation of audience members. Right from the start, their presence affects the course of actions happening on-stage.

The show consists of a series of brief improve theatre forms created on the basis of the Fast Food Stanislavski method. In other words, express service of good and well-tried humour. Comedy sketches and etudes will be extemporized live on stage in front of the audience. We will show you what you are capable of when surrounded by universal relaxation.