Two “terrorist” groups left an indelible mark at the beginning of the past century: researchers into the basic particles of the human soul and researchers of the basic particles of matter itself. Freudians on one side and nuclear physicists on the other worked in small groups, which guard the last remaining secrets of the soul and matter.

World War II ended with the triumph of physics. The horrific aftermath of the explosion of the atomic bomb, which ended a certain epoch in the history of humans, was only a tangible proof, as to what can happen if the basic particles are broken or interfered with. Nevertheless, we still don’t know what happens if we break the basic particles of the human soul. History proves that it is very easy to destroy a body, but on the other hand it brilliantly hides its methods of how to blow up the soul. Who are those people without faces, who were in the wrong place at the wrong time? People, whose every step and every sound was monitored by raving executors with the sole intent of blowing up their souls, so that the world could be so beautiful today and so useful for us bastards, who are still alive.