Chelabinsk Theatre of Contemporary Dance has taken part in numerous festivals and theatre events throughout the world. In 2000 the company was nominated to the Golden Mask Award, and in 2001 they were awarded this
prize in a category of contemporary dance. Vladimir Pona, an artistic director and choreographer, and Olga Pona, a choreographer and dance teacher, have realized twelve choreographic performances and over fifty dance miniatures
over the last ten years, some in cooperation with foreign dancers. At present the company consists of twelve artists realizing not only artistic but also educational projects. They run classes of classical and contemporary dance,
presenting high artistic and technical skills, which brought them worldwide recognition. .

The Sketches from Nature’ are fragments of life, images of our astonishing reality, reflections of memory, hidden passions and unfulfilled dreams. It is a state of waiting, deeply inscribed into the Russian mentality in its unique way. Waiting for a better life, for summer after long winter, for love which will certainly come…