A psychiatric hospital is like a ship swaying in a rough ocean. The passengers find themselves traveling through the clinic of life disappointment. Its end is where they came from – in a world characterized by a lack of money and love.

We look through the hospital gate to ask the paradoxical question, who is sick here? Is the world outside the most normal place to live? After all, most of the patients are not “so crazy and remember what their fathers, uncles, husbands, mothers did to them, what the Church, Social Insurance Institution and the labor market did to them.”

The performance is based on an award-winning book by Olga Hund (Conrad Award, Witold Gombrowicz Literary Award). The adaptation of the overwhelming prose emphasizes the unique language of the author, her sense of irony, conciseness and humor.


Iwona Kempa – theatre director. A graduate of theater studies at the Jagiellonian University and the Department of Drama Directing at the PWST in Krakow. She made her debut in 1996 at the Teatr im. W. Horzyca in Toruń Caricatures by J. Kisielewski. In 1996–2012 she collaborated with theaters in Opole, Łódź, Kalisz, Bydgoszcz, Poznań, Wrocław, Warsaw, Kraków, as well as with the Theater Academy in Warsaw and the PWST in Kraków. He mainly realizes contemporary dramas, incl. The End of Beckett, The Cripple of Inishmaan and other dramas by M. McDonagh, The Shape of Things by N. LaBute, We Pack H. Levin’s Weapons and others. From 2006 to 2012, she was the Artistic Director of the Toruń theater and the program advisor of the KONTAKT International Theater Festival.

Olga Hund – writer and translator. The author of the books Psy small breeds and Łyski count to three. For Dogs of small breeds, she received the Witold Gombrowicz and the Joseph Conrad and a nomination for the Gdynia Literary Award.