Democracy does not work, however, it is the best system created to date – this sentence has become our mantra. Is it accurate? Do we really live in the only viable political system? Is democracy in Poland after 1989 an efficient system? Has it risen up to the expectations, fulfilled dreams and plans? How can we explain the fact that a great number of citizens, who believe they have no say in Polish politics, have stopped casting their votes in elections? Where does this disappointment with the voting and democratic system come from? And finally, what is the reason for fundamental rights of democracy being broken both in the arts and in the public debate in the passing year?

In his performative lecture, Meierhans presents the reasons why we “hate democracy” and provokes us to change our perception of the framework of the system in which the honourable notions such as “freedom” and “equality” are overpowered by the corporate politics of global capitalism.