After all, the confidences of the Star contain some truth about the life of the actress. What part of the drama is she involved in? The question that arises here creates an atmosphere of almost confessional intimacy between the stage and the audience, to which I have succumbed with all submissiveness. In silent reflection, they take the balance of someone else’s years

Magdalena Jankowska “For example”

She is a vamp and a decrepit old woman, infantile mother, and a passionate revolutionary. He freely goes from erotic provocation to a bitter sense of the inevitability of death. There was a risk of exhibitionism, but Hanna Pater happily avoided it. He created an almost outstanding role, well supported by Andrzej Redosz’s discreet but expressive acting

Andrzej Z. Kowalczyk “Theatre”

The “Star” shines with its own, not reflected light

Andrzej Molik “Kurier Lubelski”