Bridget Jones was Croatian, or Polish, or simply a woman like many others. A woman who waits for love of her life, wants changes, listens to advice of her friends and aunt sharing life experience with her niece. She comes across good-for-nothings, intellectuals, sots, men who are constantly focused on their libido. He lives in the world of glossy magazines, identifies herself with the people writing letters to those magazines, her head is full of good advice. She talks and talks and talks….but she does not talk about what she talks about. She wants to learn how to live, while she is made learn how to cook and remove stains. This ‘hero of our times’ knows neither how to die nor go on living. She is terrified by love, changes; she is even scared of a wedding. Agnieszka Krukówna as Stefcia a is credible character – both tragic and comic. The wonderful, full blooded Aunt acted by Zofia Merle, an original text by Dubravka Ugresic and adaptation by Krystyna Janda produce a remarkable effect – the performance amuses and offers space for meditation – it is a caricature of the world of housewives who fall into a trap of glossy magazines.