A legendary figure of Belarusian independent culture. Painter, performer, writer, curator, architect. Cofounder of the artistic circle centred around the Y Gallery, a space for meetings, exhibitions, workshops and ardent discussions. Some time ago he set himself a goal to publish art books presenting all interesting Belarusian visual artists. Although the first books have already been on the market, Klinau jokes that it will take him a lifetime, if not longer, to complete this task. Together with Kultura Enter he published four special issues of the magazine pARTisan, presenting the most interesting events as well as visual and performance artists from Minsk and Lublin.

A couple of years ago Klinau wrote “Minsk. Sun City of Dreams”, a poetic and very personal story about experiencing his hometown, its history and the transformations it underwent. He unveiled all layers of socialist architecture that resulted from various decisions of different governments, hosting the lives of the same people. Minsk is a city of colossal concrete symbols of real socialism, broad streets, where it is impossible to hide from the wind, rain, snow or hot sun, but it is also a maze of little streets, staircases and paths that only the residents know about. Real life happens under this overwhelming façade, therefore, it is impossible to notice it from the windows of one of the hotels. Kinau writes about Minsk, the city built in a way against its residents, as if it was a living organism wounded by the history but still full of vibrant life, contesting the reality.