Stella Polaris are great masters of celebrating life. Through their unforgettable parades, they tell stories which refer to myths, old legends, times of jesters and tight-rope dancers. Stella Pollaris make use of forms rooted in the Medieval theatre and circus, as well as songs and dialogues. They know how to bring life into the streets, revive people’s love for having fun. Employing simple means which require unusual skills, they want to stimulate imagination, obliterate the boundaries between what is real and fantastic, confront a passer-by with fairy-like theatrical events. Celebration of Life is a performance – parade – which can be appreciated regardless of its place and time. It is a festival of fools, buffoonery and carnival of strange creatures. Participants – audience – get allured by suggestive music, amazed by the skills of jugglers, courage of fire-eaters and magic of dancers. They let themselves to be carried away by the charm of the celebration of life