The performance termed by its authors ‘a report from the woods” operates with a very suggestive spatial scheme. The time of Apocalypse is a moment when the sacred and profane get muddled up, creating space in which man feels disorientated with respect to the simplest ethical evaluation. Walus is an unusual figure – completely unaware of his own tragedy and therefore painfully tragic. The Polish Woyzeck whose scurvy life bears a stigma of the existential absurdity of war. Extremely intense delineation of this figure grows to the dimension of Christ’s sacrifice. Drama, crudeness and atrocity of war are counterpointed by a lyrical poetic confession. The Tale of the Love and Death of Cornet Christopher Rilke has a different tone, but the same subject matter. Man’s death always generates a question about the meaning of life. In the performance we witness veristically portrayed despair of Waluś, who does not understand anything but has to die.