Taxicab presents one day in the life of Warsaw. The city is a principal protagonist in the performance. We look at it through the eyes of a taxi driver and his clients. The back seat is a gallery of various human types, hysterics, ruffians, local people and visitors….The performance is, to the same extent, the actual play and actors’ improvisation – the actors multiply their theatrical personalities and create a multi-coloured and multi-voiced Warsaw mosaic. „It is superbly performed by four young actors, the most breakneck task being set to Sławomir Grzymkowski and Anna Sroka as they have to personify over a dozen passengers. They manage it perfectly, creating a gallery of Varsovians, retired people, businessmen and other freaks. Boleslaw Prus could not have described it better. Wiktor Orzeniewski, the taxi-driver is a star of the evening, man on the brink of nervous breakdown, worn out as much as his scrap-metal taxi.” (Roman Paw³owski)