In the most difficult moments of our lives when we are tested by the Fate, we also go through the test of endurance. The drama of suffering is growing when we are confronted with a loss of someone we love. When it is a child that passes away, the pain is even grater.

We are accompanied then by despair, helplessness and resignation. We are sometimes close to making an irrational decision.

The only way to escape tragedy is to believe that the only life that ends is the beginning of a new one. Perhaps happier than the one we know. It is hard to believe when someone is leaving us under our own very eyes. The faith, however, is the only human chance to explain the mystery of death.

Our imagination ignites a new world then. The world that is safe, loving and wonderful.

The performance tries to confront two worlds: the world of tragedy and the world of hope.

Let a golden coach into which the Angels invites the dying life with his wing – take it into the only world that is capable of saving life – the world that begins on the other side.

(Leszek Mądzik on his production)