The Art. of a Dialogue is Tadeusz S³obodzianek’s project. It aims at reviving contemporary Polish drama, restoring its role of the quintessence of an inner dialogue on the condition of Polish society. The sixth edition of the workshop, which took place in Lublin, combined the laboratory work of directors, actors and playwrights. It was devoted to the history of the Lublin Jews. The participants of the workshop were inspired by the discussions moderated by Anna Bikont, Jacek Bomba, Jan T. Gross, Dariusz Libionka, Leonard Neuger, Paweł Śpiewak and Jakub Waszkinel Weksler. Theatrical improvisations dealt with the themes of contemporary Polish-Jewish relations, history of the Jews and Holocaust, new interpretation of Dybuk, referring to its sources, the Kabala and Bible. The shared theatrical experience of these difficult matters was to inspire playwrights, who were present there, to write texts for theatre. Two of them (I Would Like to Become a Jew by Anna B. Mirecka and The Jew by Artur Pa³yga) will be read during „Confrontations”, the workshop co-organizer, along with Brama Grodzka Centre, “Nowy Staw” Foundation and the City of Lublin. Readings will be accompanied by the screening of a film realized during the workshop and an exhibition of photographs.