“The Art of Swimming” is a performance close to conceptual dance. It was constructed mostly from the experiences gathered during happenings which took place in July 2009. People, who were chosen from the audience, were asked to present gestures or moves they attributed to swimmers. The performer was being “educated” by trying to imitate those moves. That vivid and intriguing movement together with the forms the body takes up are analyzed in the performance. Captured like in freeze frames, they were inspiring for the artist the process of creating choreography and working out the aesthetics of the performance. Justyna Jasłowska plays with contexts, creates new meanings. A different kind of experiment is happening in the stage area. Its aesthetics lies somewhere between cold and simple conceptual art and the exaggerated, aggressive and absurd camp.

Justyna Jasłowska cooperates works with Maat Theatre Project since it was established in 2004. She collaborates with Limen Theatre (since 2006), she creates her own choreographies (“Spirale”, “Kill Bill vol. 0”, “The Art of Swimming”). She was granted a scholarship within the frameworks of an educational dance programme for choreographers Alternatywna Akademia Tańca (Art Foundation, Stary Browar, Poznań) Different styles of dance (butoh, contemporary, BMC, authentic movement) she learnt at workshops and dance programmes in Poland and abroad. She trains preying mantis kung-fu.