The Orwellian vision of an impersonal impoverished world, where a 42-year-old Andreas arrives in a mysteriously idyllic city with no memory of having travelled there. Shortly after arrival, he is presented with an apartment, a job, and even a girlfriend. As time passes, Andreas begins to realise that there is no escape from that place. He meets Hugo, who takes him to his cellar to reveal that beautiful music, which reminds them of everything they miss in their lives, streams out of a crack in the wall. The crack might be a gate to yet another, better world. Andreas and Hugo concoct an escape plan.
A sarcastic and dark vision of living in prosperity in Scandinavian countries, in a society where all problems are solved. Empathy is superfluous and it is substituted by empty kindness. Love is replaced by kitchen improvements and friendship by festive rituals. Grotesque vision of normality.