It is the oldest professional theatre in Latvia fouded in 1883. Since the beginning the artistic aspirations of the Theatre were shaped on one hand by the gratest achievements of the Russian and world drama, and on the other hand, on theatrical experiments initiated by Konstanty Stanisławski. The theatre from Riga co-operated with A. Tairov and Michaił Czechow.
The Dance of Death was highly acclaimed by critics who specially underline the perfect role of Alice played by Lilita Ozolina. She managed to create a truly tragic character and to show how hatred can destroy human soul and give birth to egoism. The only thing that remains is a spark of love.

… it is not a naturalistic approach. “Life is death, the unstoppable march to death” – says the actor. “Life and death are inseparable like love and hatred” – we can hear from the stage, and thus obtaining philosophical, poetic explanation of Strindberg’s thoughts.

This expressive, visually and emotionally balanced performance removes us from the ordinary “fields” of the Latvian theatre, from everyday realism, and boring intellectual considerations. In the theatrical space one can feel the clean, mountain air.