Soil is a safe place; it gives hope. Grain thrown into it has a chance to survive. It does not die. Fear against death, although very human, does not devastate us. Hope and faith become stronger. A furrow, in which we are born and walk along, is a beacon and direction which determine the meaning of our life. A sower collects the grain he has sown. Human granary is the last haven on the path of anxiety, suffering, but also trust”. – Leszek Madzik
“The Furrow astonishes the admirers of Leszek Madzik’s theatre, because he strips it of its remarkable mystery, sensual and intellectual ambiguity, revealing its physical skeleton, which is amazingly simple (…) The essential key to The Furrow should be searched for somewhere else. It is a story about Leszek Madzik himself, man who struggles painfully with the theme and form of his theatre dealing with the ultimate issues – writes Grzegorz Józefczuk