A personal story, a performance that travels, a memory lab, a meeting. To reveal a hideout, we need to get into it, deep inside, and then we are close.

Alongside us, a tangle of yarn, as well as:

Irena Solska – a great Polish actress providing little Jewish girls with shelter

Aniela Anyżko – a dark-haired clairvoyant

Apolonia – Zosia who, while she is touching the frosted walls of the bakery with her tongue so as to finally, at least for a moment, feel the taste of bread on her tongue which is already frost-bitten and swollen, is yet to know that many years later she will be showing a Hollywood director around the route of her escape from the ghetto.

And a small insurgent, or a navy blue policeman, or a poet, or an elder.

You start to pull a string and everything unravels:

an anti-monument, a small theatre and a view come to light. And the stories of those, who came out of the closet.

Now it is possible, only for a fleeting moment more, so…

Hide-out-coming-out Zosia, Małgosia! You are standing in the corner, its swept under a carpet, there is a skeleton in the closet, the attic is haunted, the floor creaks, and you never go back by the same route – you don’t know why. Its time to stop being afraid of spiders, Ariadne.

Paweł Passini