Tomasz Hynek decided to read “The Laments” by Jan Kochanowski once more, this time from the perspective of Hanna, the younger daughter of the poet, Urszula’s sister. The aim of this shift of the point of view was to remind us that this masterpiece of Polish literature was written not only to deal with the loss of a beloved daughter, but also to write a mournful poem about his pain, which would yet again demonstrate his artistry. The author of the play went even further and painted a portrait of a traumatised other daughter: “When I opened ‘The Laments’ once more, I was struck by the contrast between the first epitaph written in Urszula’s memory followed by a cycle of 19 laments and the mere four lines dedicated to her sister, Hanna, closing the piece. I started to look at the performance not through the emotions of the father, but rather the emotions of his child who was traumatised by the death of her sister, her parents’ as well as her own suffering and, sadly, by experiencing rejection.”
The musical performance directed by Hynk and performed by Grażyna Rogowska, won the main prize at the 36. “Polish Classic” Theatre Confrontations.