To write the play, under the original title known us “Our Father”, Artur Pałyga was inspired by Franz Kafka’s Letter to his Father. It talks about the crisis of fatherhood built on the strong and stern authority of a father, which is being replaced by a partner, stress-free relationship. In the performance directed by Łukasz Witt-Michałowski what’s direct and realistic is mixed with poetic symbolism and the grotesque. It makes Pałyga’s play more universal, exploring the reasons behind the growing helplessness of a modern man. The protagonist is a lost, thirty-year-old Franio, who is trying to deal with his traumatic childhood by getting to know the source of his fears, anger, disgust he has towards himself. But the central figure of both the play and the memories of his family is his father, a monster, a god, a tyrant and a coward, a military man who demands blind obedience but is inconsistent and unfair. Hence the atmosphere of constant threat, the feeling of instability of the world we can sense in the performance and see in the stage design. In the 15th Minister of Culture and National Heritage Competition for Staging of Polish Contemporary Art The Last Such Father won an award for best performance for its author, the makers and the actors and Łukasz Witt-Michałowski received an individual award for directing it. They also won and award for the director, author, composer and the actors at the 8th Premiere Festival in Bydgodszcz.

Scena Prapremier InVitro was founded in Lublin in December 2007 at the Centre for Culture. In is an innovative and original project, which aims to create a network of theatres from around Poland that will cooperate with each other and exchange the repertoire. The core idea behind the Scena Prapremier InVitro is to operate outside the mechanism of institutional theatre. It’s founder and director is Łukasz Witt-Michałowski, who is also a theatre director.