The Magic Mountain is the story of a Europe in which the main character’s diseased lungs causing that death becomes omnipresent. The story is narrated by the diabolical Doctor Hofrat Behrens. Thanks to the discovery of an X-ray machine, we look inside the characters. The passionate humanist Lodovico Settembrimi and the cruelly sober inquisitor Leon Naphta are fighting for the souls of the main character. The audience will witness the great love of Hans Castrop for the crazy Russian Klawdia Chauchat. It is a story of love and death. Together with Dr. Edhin Krokowski, the listeners will undergo psychedelic sessions. We will look at a closed reality full of suffering ahead of the impending Apocalypse. Reading the script is the next stage of work on the performance directed by Janusz Opryński with the participation of the actors of the Dramatic Theater of the Capital City of Warsaw.