This production is a new, original and highly acclaimed project. A group of young people, actors of the Dramatic Theatre in Warsaw, under the artistic wings of Piotr Cieoelak, adapted a story from ‘Bakakai’ collection, ‘Stefan Czarniecki’s Memoir”.

Piotr Gruszczyński writes: ‘An innocent little story evolves into a truly great drama. The actors of the Dramtic Theatre approached it with a sense of humour and lightness, allowing the audience to notice as much as they want to.”

The performance tells the story of Stefan Czarniecki; we are shown his family, school and national-Catholic education. Stefan’s internal conflict has its roots in hi Jewish-Polish background. The Jewish subject is not touched upon in Gombrowicz’s theatre plays at all, but it is featured eminently in his „Diaries”.. Gombrowicz notices that “the Jewish world deeply embedded int the Polish world has powerful explosive qualities and that it is our great chance to create a new type of a modern Pole, capable of facing the present world. Gombrowicz says: “The Jews constituted the factor connecting us with the deepest and most difficult problems of the world”