Porywacze Ciał Theatre are renowned for their consistent exploration of dramatic narration and new means of expression. These young people have produced their distinctive performances for several years, challenging the surrounding world of empty words and meaningless gestures. Several of their performances have been presented at the Theatre Confrontations. This time Porywacze Ciał will attempt at confronting their perception of the world with Gombrowicz’s vision of man in the world. This is what they say about their new performance: We found an inspiration for ‘The Mystery” in Bakakai, especially in these fragments which appealed to us most. We got fascinated by a figure of the Hero that links all stories, making them one consistent whole. The Hero changes according to a situation, puts on masks, gets driven by fascinations and tries to solve the mystery which has haunted him since he was born. The Mystery is really the world surrounding him – inexplicably hermetic and inaccessible, at the sametime mysterious and attractive. The performance is an attempt to enter the cosmic world of Witold Gombrowicz following exactly same way, and penetrate the multiplicity of mysteries which we came across and …got enchanted with.