Poem Without Words, a performance based on a Byelorussian fairy-tale and popular beliefs, is a poetic version of folk parables and imagery. It consists of four independent episodes linked by the common poetic imagery and inner conviction that there exists something which endows our life with the right dimension. The first episode is a tale about elves performing a story of lost love. It is a story about a man who went astray in his life as he had not recognized his true vocation. The elves show him the right shape of his life and meaning of his fate. The second episode is a story about a treasure, which is to open the road leading to a new and happy life. The hero tries to find this treasure in vain for the place is cursed and surrounded by evil spirits. The third episode is about people who escaped from the burnt village, became beggars and carried their pain throughout the world. Questions remain: why do they have to suffer such a terrible fate? Who sent this fire? Was it a fatal coincidence or Fate? The fourth story is a game played by drunk men, who their attempt to bring back the melody of their youth and love broken by the sudden invasion of painful reality. This production carries the message formulated by the national Byelorussian poet, which is considered to be a prophecy for the young generation there.